The Powder

As decent quality agarwood chips are expensive, powders made from these chips are just as expensive, if not more expensive due to the costly losses in the grinding process. There are some good agarwood powders that can cost several hundred dollars for 100 grams, and if you come across agarwood powders selling at tens of dollars for a 100 grams, the chance of you purchasing something decent is very low. 

Agarwood powder has always been recognized as the quintessence of nature, formed entirely from nature with many health benefits. However, not everyone knows how to use Agarwood powder properly to bring out all the “energy” of this unique wood.

Agarwood is essentially a natural antibiotic, born when the tree is damaged. Especially in that not all trees produce agarwood.

Agarwood powder is a product that is ground from 100% of agarwood pieces, crushed agarwood, which is quite popular, although its price is considered to be not cheap. The nature of Agarwood wood is formed for at least dozens of years, so the products made from Agarwood are of great value.

Pure Agarwood powder has little or no fragrance outside. When burned with fire or heat effect, a new natural fragrance was released from the smoke. Except for the premium powdered agarwood (luxury) that is ground from pieces of agarwood with a concentrated amount of essential oil, when you open the lid of the box, you will smell the fragrance.

Natural Agarwood has a pleasant aroma, light and sweet bar because it does not add any chemicals or flavorings, flavoring additives, or coloring.

Agarwood from ancient times has been famous as the “King of feng shui” because of the special mechanism of Agarwood production of the do tree. Agarwood originates from nature, spreads the essence of the years, takes a bath to challenge spring and autumn. Since then, they have a spirit of heaven and earth like the soul of a young country, containing a strong yang field.

The energy from Agarwood to the living space is huge. In addition to the relaxing and sedative effects of aroma, incense also helps to deodorize and especially they have the ability to disinfect, exorcise, purify living space, remove air, and support better feng shui.

Many people prefer frankincense powder because they can fully enjoy the quintessential aroma from Agarwood.

Helps to relax and relieve stress
Warm, sweet incense is like a natural therapy to support mental health to help users reduce anxiety, insecurity, sleep better and deeper. Limit psychological inhibition due to pressure of work and family life.

Agarwood powder is used in the Japanese art of enjoying incense. Fragrance combines tea ceremony.

According to research on plant-based active ingredients that have anti-cancer, antibacterial, and inhibit the growth of molds, viruses, and bacteria, scientists have discovered sesquiterpenes found from Agarwood. in the list of such substances.

Therefore, when there was an infectious disease caused by viruses and bacteria such as the recent COVID-19 epidemic, many customers responded to Tram Tue thanks to regular saunas in the house, but the members only showed mild symptoms.

Agarwood powder used with an electric burner agarwood incense burner provides a full experience of scent and saves money because the amount of agarwood used is very low.

When someone in the family dies from an infectious disease or incurable disease such as cancer, the family should also steam bass. Both strengthen the resistance of each member and help the living space become cleaner and cooler.

It is the spiritual values ​​of Agarwood that have been used since ancient times by our grandparents and ancestors in the following cases:

  • Opening a new store and office
  • Before moving to a new home
  • At the end of the year, the time of New Year’s Eve drives away bad luck to enter the new year with better things
  • Anniversaries, December, the day of important family holidays such as the groundbreaking ceremony, the full month festival
  • Feeling in the house there is the intrusion of negative energy, evil energy, many events occurrence
  • The house has lost someone, living space is full of cold air
  • Office, place of business to stay for a long time. Before returning to work, you should use a steam bath to purify yourself
  • When going to strange places where few people live or are frequented by many strangers (hotels, motels ..)
  • Just visited a funeral or unearthed a grave in the cemetery
  • Wash and disinfect the house, flush out bad luck