Be a Member

Who may be members of Agarwood Cooperatives?

Any natural person who is a citizen of the Philippines residing in any Barangay of legal age shall be eligible for membership in primary cooperative if the applicant meets the qualifications prescribed in the by-laws.

Requirements for Regular Membership:

  1. Attend Pre-Membership Education Seminar (online) for CDA registered coop. For new registration, CDA Specialist will conduct a Pre-Membership Seminar (PRS) via online.
  2. Pay Initial Share Capital
  3. Pay Membership Fee
  4. Submit Coop Application Form together with your resume and a valid Identification Document (ID) to email
  5. Email your payment confirmation to start processing your application.
  6. Letter of Commitment – Purchase of at least 100 pcs seedling requirements from cooperative nursery only. And MUST not be planted close to any or existing agarwood species in your farm.
Mr. Manuelito R. Putong is explaining how Agarwood Production can help the environment and the community in one of the Agarwood Investment Forum in Santo Tomas, La Union.

Note: In case you are interested of organizing an Agarwood Agriculture Cooperative in your area, hit the Contact Us button or email us directly at for guidance.