Esperanza, Agusan Del Sur

We started accepting agarwood growers from CARAGA to join as FOUNDING MEMBERS of Agarwood Esperanza Agriculture Cooperative (AEAC) with the following

Requirements for Regular Membership:

  1. Attend Pre-Membership Education Seminar (online).
  2. Pay Initial Share Capital
  3. Pay Membership Fee
  4. Submit Coop Application Form together with your resume and a valid Identification Document (ID) to email
  5. Email your payment confirmation to start processing your application.
  6. Letter of Commitment – Purchase of at least 100 pcs seedling requirements from cooperative nursery only. And MUST not be planted close to any or existing agarwood species in your farm.

Note: In case you are interested of organizing an Agarwood Agriculture Cooperative in your area, hit the Contact Us button or email us directly at oud.philippines@gmail.comfor guidance.

Cooperative Profile 
  • CDA Registration No.: Accepting Founding Members now.
  • Coop Address: Esperanza, Agusan Del Sur
  • Contact Person: Chairman of the Board
  • Contact Number: +(63) 
  • Email: 
  • Number of Members: 
  • Number of Bari Trees:
  • Land Area of Private Plantation: 
  • Land Area of Forest Plantation:

Founding Members (At least 15 members)